Nettlinx acquired 95% of Salion SE of Germany

Salion SE is an asset management company based out of Berlin, Germany. The Corporation manages more than Euro 1.70 Million investments. It has a specialized team which advises on M&A and financing of M&A transactions.

Nettlinx is investing Half a Million Euros into Salion SE. This strategic investment will help Nettlinx build a war chest for future acquisitions of High tech companies in the industrial space in Germany.

The Company derives advantage through this route on account of extended leverage it gets in a low interest country where in the current interest rates are lesser than 2% PA against the interest rates prevailing in India which hover around 11% PA.

Salion SE has excellent credit rating and presently can leverage this investment to the tune of around Euro 20 Million. For overseeing this new project, Mr. Abraham Joy will be on the supervisory board of Salion SE to take care of the overall operations along with his team.