Board of Director


Nettlinx Board Member

Dr. E. Leopold Dieck

Dr. E. Leopold Dieck, Ph.D., is a Independent Non Executive Director on the Nettlinx Group board, and will handle the mantle of expanding the company’s footprints across Europe. His addition to the Board of Nettlinx will strengthen the company’s position in foraying into newer segments of trade.

Widely recognised for his pivotal role in development of the Postal Automation Business in Germany from an annual volume of 30 million DM to more than 1 billion DM, Dr. Dieck is known to be the best innovator with 25 patents and 20 scientific publications to his credit.

Dr. Leopold Dieck, who served in the German Air Force and has 3500 hours of flying experience, studied Physics at the Rhenisch- Westfälische Technische Hochschule in Aachen, Germany. He was associated with several businesses where he pursued research in various positions contributing to numerous breakthrough advances in nuclear reactor and fuel related segments.

A consulting professor at the Dong Hua University, Shanghai, Dr. Dieck serves on the boards of multiple global enterprises which seek his expertise in innovation and to expand into unheralded sectors of business.

Dr. Dieck was Managing Partner at ELD Industrie Holding KG, Ravensburg, German; and was a Member of the Executive Board and Head of Sales and Marketing at Schleicher & Co. International AG. He served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Brodogradiliste (Shipyard) Punat AG, Sun Lit Waterproof Insulation Engineering Co. Ltd, and Pfister International AG.

A Member of the Supervisory Board of Dalian Hongfeng Roto Office Equipment Co. Ltd., Dalian, China, Dr. Leopold Dieck was a Member of the Supervisory Board of Marina Punat AG and Aktiv Bau AG.

Other prominent positions held by Dr. Dieck in his illustrous career spanning over five decades are:
– Member of the Supervisory Board of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

He was associated as Chairman of the Boards of several corporate entities like:
– A/S Erik Nielsen Kontormaskiner (Denmark)
– Pelikan Norge A/S (Norway)
– AB Erik Nielsen Kontormaskiner (Sweden)
– OY Pelikan AB (Finland)
– Lumoprint Zindler S.A. (Belgium)
– Remdex S.p.A. (Italy)