Board of Director


Nettlinx Board Member

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Mr. Vijay Kumar Maistry is an accomplished professional with a strong background in marketing and real estate. With his extensive experience and expertise in these fields, he has made significant contributions to various organizations throughout his career.

MDB (Master’s in Business Administration) – A prestigious degree that reflects his advanced knowledge and skills in business management.

Professional Experience:
Marketing Expertise: Mr. Maistry has a proven track record in the marketing domain, having held prominent roles in marketing departments of renowned companies. He possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and effective marketing strategies that drive business growth.

Real Estate Background: Throughout his career, Mr. Maistry has been actively involved in the real estate sector. His expertise in this industry spans various aspects, such as property development, sales and marketing of real estate projects, market analysis, and investment strategies.

Independent Directorship: With his vast knowledge and experience, Mr. Maistry has taken up the responsibility of an Independent Director in esteemed organizations. As an Independent Director, he provides valuable insights, objective judgment, and impartial guidance to the company’s board of directors, contributing to effective corporate governance.

Mr. Maistry’s unique blend of marketing acumen and real estate expertise makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to leverage his skills in driving business growth, enhancing market presence, and making strategic decisions. His qualifications and achievements exemplify his commitment to excellence and continuous professional development.