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Nettlinx provides multiple solutions for each Internet work point, with accuracy
    Nettlinx Overview
Nettlinx is an Internet Infrastructure initiative of the Nettlinx group. The company started its ISP/NLD operations in the year 1999 and has been catering to the networking requirements of the domestic enterprise market since then. It has a Class B license to operate as an Internet Service Provider (ISP)..

Internet Solutions

In addition, our efficient bandwidth ensures seamless connection. It is also fully equipped for expansion to allow for double capacity overnight.

Web Development

Nettlinx specialists develop the web sites according to their function: selling, entertaining, training or informing. Applying eye-catching graphics coupled with error-free html coding web sites from scratch.


Web Hosting

We offer flexible packages for hosting sites - in Windows NT Linux After designing the next logical step is hosting. Our customers have a wide choice in terms of platforms.

Other IT Services

Using our expertise as an ISP we also offer our clients Intranet and Extranet Solutions, WAN Connectiv-ity Solutions. We have rec-ently started offering solutions on Wireless too.

    Our Clients